PetroSense® announced today the release of the PetroSentry and the PetroCheck PHA Plus as additions to its premium line of products for the detection of hydrocarbon events in process and produced water.

Based on PetroSense's unique Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor (FOCS) technology, these two products offer a complete first-line-of-defense for the facility manager who needs to monitor hydrocarbon intrusions in process water flows or produced water "The introduction of the PetroSentry and PetroCheck PHA Plus represents PetroSense's continued dedication to providing uncompromising early warning water monitoring and detection systems for facility management," said PetroSense President, Peter Gerard. "When combined, these two products allow our customers to deal with an event well before it becomes a problem."

PetroSentry incorporates self-diagnostic software to provide a continuous in-situ monitoring solution for any water stream or source. The system is capable of reporting measurements and results routinely as well as sending out signal alarms to managers and technicians when a hydrocarbon intrusion is detected, This real-time information gives the manager the opportunity to deal with any hydrocarbon issues before theyimpact process-critical, or sensitive, areas.

The portable PetroCheck PHA Plus allows users the flexibility to "spot-check" any part of their water systems for hydrocarbon intrusions at-will. Used in the production environment, the easy-to-use, intrinsically safe PetroCheck PHA Plus provides fast, accurate quantitative hydrocarbon data - no more hauling samples to labs and long delays for results.

As a team, PetroSentry and PetroCheck PHA Plus put the facility managers ahead of the information curve. With PetroSentry's continuous monitoring and PetroCheck PHA Plus' unique "spot-check" capabilities, facility managers can deal with an event before it becomes a problem.

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