FCI Environmental, Inc., the manufacturer of the PetroSense® line of revolutionary optical hydrocarbon sensors, announced the introduction of their real time (in-situ) TPH and BTEX in particular monitors.

The PetroSentry System offers both a portable spot-check and a continuous monitoring solutions for detecting and monitoring the presence of BTEX in water. With the increase in oil and gas drilling, and fracturing in populated areas, there is an increase in concern about BTEX contamination of water supplies. Grab sample lab testing takes time, personnel and is expensive. PetroSentry is the ideal commercial system onsite in situ ground water and aquifer testing and monitoring.

The PHA offers a way to do on site spot checking for hydrocarbon contamination of water supplies near drill sites, storage areas and transportation sites. The CMS 100 is the state of the art system for (in- situ) continuous monitoring. It provides internet based real time monitoring, and reporting with email alerts and alarms. Accurate and timely data is critical to prevent an incident from becoming a problem.

With almost three decades of experience and installations throughout the world, FCI Environmental is your resource for hydrocarbon monitoring.

For additional information or for a quote for you specific needs please contact us at: info@petrosense.com or call (214) 483-1003.