FCI Environmental, Inc. the manufacturer of the innovative PetroSense line, announced today the release of its new gas station monitoring system; the PetroSense Station Master. Designed to provide remote continuous monitoring of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) from underground storage tank leakage and wash down run off; the Station Master uses the best of breed PetroSense DHP sensors and CMS loggers and communications hubs that enables operations and management personnel to keep ahead of any environmental issues or incidents on a real time (in situ) basis.

With the PetroSense Station Master, not only can you access your information from any security enabled internet access device, you can also control and manage your system (two-way communications).

And if you need to monitor more than just TPH, then you should consider our Station Master Plus system which would allow you to monitor water quality, air quality, security etc.

PetroSense Systems provides you with information to keep you ahead of the game – to keep an incident from becoming an issue, and an issue from becoming a problem.

PetroSense (FCI Environmental, Inc.) has been a leader in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) and BTEX monitoring systems for almost twenty years. PetroSense is the only commercially available system that can detect both the presence and concentration of TPH and BTEX in vapor and dissolved in water on a real time basis in field applications.

For additional information or a quotation on the revolutionary PetroSense Systems, please contact us at info@petrosense.com or call (214) 483-1003.