PetroSense (FCI Environmental, Inc.), the leader in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) monitoring systems and the creator of the revolutionary Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor® (FOCS®), announced today the integration of the PetroSense Digital Hydrocarbon Probe (DHP) with commercial dataloggers that support Serial Data Interface at 1200 Baud (SDI-12). With this new integration capability, it just became a lot easier for managers to deal with an event before it becomes a problem.

The SDI-12 compatibility of the DHP gives increased flexibility to those who seek to engineer new or expand existing data acquisition systems to include hydrocarbon detection capabilities.

According to Ken Culver, president and CEO of PetroSense, "this integration opens up all kinds of new possibilities for the DHP. In addition to operating with the robust PetroSense proprietary data loggers, the DHP can now be used with other commercial dataloggers using the SDI-12 protocol. With this new open architecture, the PetroSense Digital Hydrocarbon Probe (DHP) can be easily included as a value-added capability to existing installations or provided as a stand-alone solution."

The PetroSense Digital Hydrocarbon Probe (DHP) has already proven to successfully operate over standard SDI-12 control ports with the well-recognized Campbell Scientific ( datalogger as well as the emerging Load Sensing ( datalogger.

The detection and measurement of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) was historically achieved by sampling, followed by field or lab analysis. With the advent of the PetroSense FOCS® technology, the world's first patented fiber optic chemical sensor built into a smart probe, it is now possible to measure ppm levels of TPH dissolved in water or as vapor in-situ. That is to say, in the field and in real time.

The PetroSense Digital Hydrocarbon Probe (DHP) combines its fiber optic chemical sensor (FOCS®) technology with digital electronics and an advanced microprocessor to make these products unique in the marketplace.

PetroSense sensors represent "best in breed" technology for the detection of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH). PetroSense sensors operate in vapor, water and soil. PetroSense is the only commercially available system that can detect both the presence and concentration of TPH and BTEX in vapor and dissolved in water on a real time basis in field applications.

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