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DHP - 485 Digital Hydrocarbon Probe

DHP - Digital Hydrocarbon ProbeThe detection and total measurement of petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) was historically achieved by sampling followed by field or lab analysis. With the advent of PetroSense® DHP probes, the world’s first patented fiber optic chemical sensor built into a smart probe, it is now possible to measure ppm levels of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) dissolved in water or as vapor in-situ. That is to say, in the field and in real time.

PetroSense DHP probes combine FCI's fiber optic chemical sensor (FOCS®) technology with digital electronics and an advanced microprocessor to make these products unique in the marketplace. FOCS technology is based on modulation of the transmitted light intensity when the sensor is exposed to hydrocarbons.

The FOCS sensor is designed with a proprietary chemical coating which responds reversibly to increasing or decreasing levels of hydrocarbons. The DHP probe is RS-485 compatible making it capable of being interfaced with many commercial data loggers, PLCs and samplers.

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Operating Range 0-20,000 ppm as TPH 0-2,000 ppm as TPH
Lower Limit of Detection <10 ppm as xylene 0.1 ppm as xylene
Hydrocarbons Detected C6 and higher MW petroleum hydrocarbons C6 and higher MW petroleum hydrocarbons
Accuracy/Precision ±15% of reading ±10% of reading
Response Time (initial) <15 seconds <15 seconds
Response Time (to 95%) <1 minute <1 minute
Operating Temperature Range 0°-50° C 0°-50° C
Trend Correlation with GC data 95% 98% vs. EPA Method 8020


Supply Voltage: 9-12 VDC
Data Input/Output: RS485
Baud Rate: 1200
Idle State Current Consumption: 700 mA typical, 1.5 mA maximum
Active State Current Consumption: 6 mA typical, 15 mA maximum
Cable (with weatherproof connector): Teflon jacketed, shielded
Cable Pull Strength: 125 pounds
Cable Length: 35 feet (10 meters)
Probe Length: 10 inches (25 cm)
Probe Diameter: 0.75 inch (19 mm)
Probe Weight: 9 oz. (253 gms)
Options Available with the CMS-100: Wireless Data Transfer Internet Data Access Solar Powered System