PetroSense (FCI Environmental, Inc.), the leader in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) monitoring systems has been selected by the Superintendence of the Environment (SMA) of Chile. The SMA is the equivalent of the Environmental Protection Agency in the US. The mission of the SMA is to lead strategically and promote compliance with environmental management tools within their competence through the audit, compliance assistance dissuasive sanctions, and delivering environmental information to the community.

The SMA was looking to have a preventive program in order to actively promote the fulfillment of the environmental regulations regarding hydrocarbons. They needed to have specialized equipment which could verify and quantify in real time (in situ) the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbon analyzer had to have some special characteristics: Portable, fast while accurate, detect petroleum hydrocarbons in both water and vapor, easy to use, intrinsically safe, easy to calibrate, log data from 100 samples, quick zero, and serial output to laptop.

The answer to the SMA search became obvious very quickly: The PetroSense Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzer PHA-100Plus. Not only were they impressed by this powerful unit, but as it also met all their requirements, a few PetroSense Portable Hydrocarbon Analyzers were added to their environmental management systems.

PetroSense (FCI Environmental, Inc.) has been a leader in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) and BTEX monitoring systems for almost twenty years. PetroSense sensors represent "best in breed" technology for the detection of total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH). PetroSense sensors operate in vapor, water and soil. PetroSense is the only commercially available system that can detect both the presence and concentration of TPH and BTEX in vapor and dissolved in water on a real time basis in field applications.

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