The increased use of fracking technology over the past few years, and the fact that individual wells can generate up to 5 million gallons of produced water, has resulted in a high level of interest by the oil and gas industry, and the general public on the treatment and disposal of produced water.

PetroSense, the leader in Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH) monitoring systems announced today the introduction of the CMS- 1500MV produced water monitoring system, designed specifically for monitoring and verifying raw and processed produced water.

The CMS-1500MV is an Internet-based environmental monitoring communication system that enables users to utilize a single network to monitor a wide range of water quality sensors and deliver real time data over the Internet to any security enabled computer. A single CMS-1500MV can accommodate over 50 individual sensors. The CMS-1500MV also provides onsite email and text message alarms.

CMS-1500 Envirologger

With plug and play functionality, the CMS-1500MV enables users to configure the unique system to their specific requirements. This includes a full range of water quality sensors including: the PetroSense continuous TPH sensor (DHP-485), as well as sensors for salinity, turbidity, pH and level monitoring.

In addition to water quality sensors, the CMS-1500MV will also accommodate a full range of air quality and security monitoring systems, and display the results on a single integrated Internet site.

For additional information on the CMS-1500MV monitoring system or the revolutionary PetroSense Portable TPH monitor (the PHA+), please contact us at: or call (214) 483-1003.