FCI Environmental, Inc., (Dallas), the manufacturer of the innovative PetroSense line, announced today the receipt of a contract to provide a multi-location water quality monitoring system for a major open pit mining operation. The initial 5 station system includes the PetroSense revolutionary CMS-1500 Internet-based wireless communications backbone. It integrates its state-of-the-art optical hydrocarbon monitoring sensor (DHP 485), with 4 other water quality sensors (pH, suspended solids, conductivity and level a level monitor). However, with the PetroSense CMS-1500, the system can be expanded to include up to 100 additional sites and over 100 additional water, air and security sensors per site.

The CMS-1500 system is a remote monitoring communications backbone that provides two way communications and global Internet access for a wide range of applications. With the CMS-1500, you can monitor and control your total environmental monitoring network from any internet- enabled computer. No matter where your sites are, you can access real-time data. The system also provides for real-time control and local e-mail and text alarm messaging.

According to Peter Gerard, president of FCI, "We are very pleased that the customer chose to go with FCI/PetroSense and the CMS-1500 system. We have been working with the customer for some time to define their requirements and anticipate that this will be the first of 20 such sites that we expect to install over the next three years for the same customer. The customer decision to go with us was based partly on the unique capabilities of the PetroSense hydrocarbon probes, partly on the ability to integrate all their water quality sensors into a single communications platform; and finally on the ability to expand their monitoring requirements seamlessly to include air and security monitoring at a later date using the existing communications backbone".

FCI/PetroSense is currently working with a number of other major mining, oil and gas enterprises to design and implement similar water and air-quality monitoring networks.

For additional information or for a quote for you specific needs please contact us at: info@petrosense.com or call (214) 483-1003.